2nd Opinion

Expert 2nd Opinion

Now get expert 2nd opinion from renowned cancer specialists. We focus on providing specialized opinion for cancer patients. Follow steps mentioned below and get an expert opinion in 7 days.

Step One: Make Payment

Please register and make payment of 2,000 Rs for getting an expert opinion.

Step Two: Upload Reports

Please provide all the relevant reports and upload all document mentioned below or email them at the following email id “report@vgivehope.com”.
Note following reports need to be uploaded
a. Clinical Reports : Notes from the local treating physician or oncologist
b. Biopsy Reports : Biopsy or post-surgery pathology confirming a cancer diagnosis
c. Radiology reports : Reports such as mammogram, ultrasound, x-rays, PET/CT, bone scans
d. Pathology reports : Pathology reports including receptor tests such as ER/PR status, Her2 Status etc.
e. Lab reports : Lab reports such as Complete Blood Count (CBC), Biochemistry, Liver Function Test (LFT), ECHO
f. Post treatment notes : Notes like surgeon’s notes post-surgery, doctor’s notes after chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, etc.
g. Planned treatments i.e. notes on what your doctor has recommended for you right now, like current surgery plan, chemotherapy protocol, type and site of radiation therapy, etc.

Step Three: Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion on treatment recommendations, further diagnostic testing, or clinical examination is available within 7 days from the time complete medical reports are received.