About Us

About Us

VGiveHope is our endeavor to help Cancer Patients and their families by providing a helping hand in their fight against cancer. Cancer as a disease not only has affects the patient but also has an adverse effect on their families. We hope to solve some of the problems they face and help them in their lives. VGiveHope is a one point solution for the needs of cancer patients and which are not catered by the hospitals.
We are a group of health care industry veterans who have started this endeavor with an intent to cause an positive impact on the lives of cancer patients and their families.

Our Vision

Our vision and mission is to aide and assist not only the cancer patients but also their families. To provide services which help ease the pain and suffering which a patient or their families go though. These services might range from providing simple information to providing assistance in various processes.
We aim to slowly increase the gamut of services over the years and cover a wider range not only in terms of services but also region we cover.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Arushi Mishra, has always been a compassionate medical practitioner. A college topper and hard worker who believes in sharing the burden of patients. An untimely death in family due to cancer led her to look for solutions to help cancer patients and their families.
A Dental practitioner who pursed public health administration to develop an understanding of the health care infrastructure and pursue her own venture post completion of her education. She started VGiveHope as a venture in late 2015. She has started this venture with the help of her brother and family and hope to take it forward over the coming years.