A Helping Hand

It all started a year back when I received the news that I was suffering from the cancer of the gall bladder. I and My family were shattered to the core and too baffled to comprehend the next step. It was VGiveHope which provided a direction to me. I received an honest opinion from the

A Service at affordable rates

I was devastated when I got to know that my 2 year old daughter is suffering from cancer. We wanted to go to the biggest and most renowned hospitals of the country but our pocket did not allow the same. It was at this time that we got to know about VGIVEHOPE and I can’t

Online Service

I live in one of the small towns of Bihar and for me travelling to Delhi or Mumbai for cancer diagnosis is a very big task because our family belongs to a lower middle class group and hence the boon of internet and this forum helped me get the best of the opinions and counseling.

A good Diagnosis

Not everyone is comfortable in expressing their deepest sorrows. I lost my mother because of this wrecked disease and when my father too was diagnosed with it last year, I had decided that I would leave no stone un-turned for him. A race that begins well is half won and I m glad that I